• How Long Would I Survive A Zombie Apocalypse Quiz

    Quiz - 05.25.2012

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    How long would you survive the zombie apocalypse - a quizThink you’re going long term after the ZPOC? Gonna stick it out holed up in your one bedroom apartment waiting for Big G to bring the troops?

    Here’s a quick quiz you can take to see how long you’re likely to last after the zombie apocalypse – also see our video analysis below:

    Just add up your times to get your shelf-life:

    1. Where do you live or spend most of your time:

    a. In an urban area – 2 days
    b. In the suburbs – 21 days
    c. In a rural area – 90 days

    2. With regards to firearms

    a. Ooh, guns are icky, they scare me, I’d never own one – minus 2 days
    b. I know how to use at least one type of firearm – 3 days
    c. I own one gun or a couple and have some ammo – 14 days
    d. I have ample arms and ammo, know how to use and maintain what I own, and I train regularly – 60 days

    3. Survival skills

    a. I can cook marshmallows over a campfire and could pitch a tent if I had instructions – 2 days
    b. I can hunt, fish, and build a fire – 1 month
    c. I can build a shelter, make fire several ways, and purify water – 90 days

    4. Network

    a. I talked to somebody once about what to do when the zombies rise up – 2 days
    b. I have a group of friends who are survival enthusiasts on whom I might rely – 14 days
    c. I have a well organized ZPOC survival group with a plan – 90 days

    5. Prepping

    a. I have some food storage and a basic disaster prep kit – 7 days
    b. I have 30 days of food, water, and a good bugout bag – 30 days
    c. I ave a fully stocked survival retreat with a supply of water, stocked with food, and which is defensible – 90 days

    6. Mental Toughness

    a. Oh my god, when the barrista forgot the extra foam on my cappuccino this morning I almost went ballistic – minus any days you have so far (you’re zombie chow now, call it Darwinism if you like)
    b. I’ve been through hard times which challenged my physical survival – 30 days
    c. I’ve actually been in combat – 90 days

    7. Unarmed Self Defense

    a. I took a year of Tae Kwon Do when I was 12 – 1 day (and that’s generous)
    b. I watch the UFC and practice MMA as the ultimate form of human combat – 3 days (mostly because you might be in good shape)
    c. I have practiced combatives or a straight up self-defense focused martial art for years, I know the difference between sport and combat at least theoretically, I’ve been punched for real and had to physically defend myself at least once – 14 days

    8. Melee Weapons

    a. I own a knife, chainsaw, or baseball bat – 1 day
    b. I collect tactical knives, own a sword, and love Star Wars – 2 days
    c. I train in Filipino martial arts (FMA) or other weapon-oriented styles. I feel comfortable handling various melee weapons without injuring myself or another unintended target – 14 days

    Here’s some video to show you some of our thinking:

    By the way – go subscribe to our YouTube channel.



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