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    How ToTell If Someone Is A Zombie Or Just On Drugs

    Zombie Fan Question - 05.31.2012

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    Recently, a number of news events culminated in zombie-like or cannibalistic behavior. Take, for example, the recent South Beach zombie attack in Miami where Rudy Eugene chewed most of the face off Ronald Poppo. Police had to use numerous shots to put Eugene down, since he didn’t respond to being shot the first time.

    Are You on Drugs, Or Just a ZombiePolice are theorizing drug involvement in the zombie attack – with the most likely culprit being the new synthetic drug called bath salts.

    A Facebook friend asked, “how do you tell the difference between somebody who’s been zombified, and somebody who’s just on drugs?”

    The following is our video response to that question.

    For us, a zombie can be somebody under the influence of drugs. In fact, there is a whole family of “zombie drugs” out there including datura, and scopolamine, and some neurotoxins which effectively zombify people. In Haiti, where we got the word zombie from, zombies were people usually drugged into a death-like state, buried, and dug up later for slave labor.

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