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    Zombie Apocalypse Incident In Hawley, PA Richard Cimino Jr Chews on Woman’s Head

    Zombie Attacks - 09.13.2012

    Story by John Moore


    Another sign of the impending zombie apocalypse? A naked, bloody man broke into a home, jumped from a two-story window, tackled a passerby and chewed on her head while “screaming like an animal.”

    zombie apocalypse attackAnother naked cannibalistic zombie attack, this time in Hawley, Pa. Police say Twenty year-old Richard Cimino Jr. allegedly attacked two police officers and a woman – chewing on her head while screaming like an animal.

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    Zombie Prep Network Announces 3rd Party Candidate For President

    Zombie Apocalypse Announcement - 08.25.2012

    Story by Ray Dawg


    Dear Zombie Apocalypse Preppers,

    The 2012 election season is upon us, and our nation is in crisis. The tell-tale signs of the coming Zombie Apocalypse are making headlines daily, and yet our two major political parties have remained silent on the matter.

    Historically, the Zombie Prep Network has operated as an apolitical organization. We recognize the value of all human beings when it comes to wreaking havoc on the teeming undead hordes, regardless of race, creed, or party affiliation. However, with a major election so close, and the Zombie Apocalypse hot on it’s heels, the time has come to speak out.

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    Build Your Zombie Apocalypse Bugout Bag Now on Amazon Kindle

    Zombie Prep - 08.10.2012

    Story by John Moore


    You probably thought we were a bunch of illiterate, zombie-hating rednecks right? We’ll you’re only half-right.

    zombie survival guide pdfWe published a book to Amazon Kindle titled: Build Your Zombie Apocalypse Bugout Bag. And it covers the stuff you need to have when the Zed SHTF.

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    Excited Delirium, Not Bath Salts Responsible For Zombie Attacks

    Zombie News - 08.08.2012

    Story by John Moore


    Recent zombie attacks, starting with the Miami face chewing attack on Ronald Poppo by Rudy Eugene, were often linked with the drug bath salts. This just wasn’t the case, as the toxicology reports proved out.

    zombie attack - Rudy Eugene and Ronald PoppoInstead, a condition known about for 150 years, and studied by the University of Miami for the last ten is to blame. That condition is called excited delirium.

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    Zombie Attacks | Strategy For Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

    Zombie Prep - 08.07.2012

    Story by John Moore


    During zombie attacks, having a good survival strategy will help you keep from being turned to zed poop. Understanding what to do ahead of time and what to look for will keep you alive during the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

    zombie attacks survival strategyWhether you’re running away from a horde, or being shot at by some human survivors, you need to move towards cover and concealment.

    Understanding the difference between cover and concealment could save your life.

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    Zombie Virus

    Zombie Science - 07.29.2012

    Story by John Moore


    Is there a zombie virus, and should we be scared?

    After revealing that the Miami, face-eating zombie, Rudy Eugene, was not on bath salts, the Internet is abuzz with viral rumors.

    zombie virus infectionLQP-79 was supposedly a new contagion that was turning peaceful people into zombie-like cannibals

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    Understand The Zombie Brain For Survival

    Zombie Science - 07.27.2012

    Story by John Moore


    Zombies, are mindless killing machines right? Well, not exactly there Chuckles.

    Zombie Survival ScienceYou see, no matter how they got zombified – those undead mother******s have to still ambulate and eat. They also must have some kind of instinct for food. As simple as that is, that means brain power.

    Understanding how the recently rotten think, if you can call it that, is important to survival. Why? Cause you gotta understand your enemy and all that shit.

    It’s important to understand why zombies:

    • Don’t respond to pain
    • Show no human emotion
    • Disregard their own safety
    • Show no capability for abstract thought or future plannin

    Heck, who needs future planning when you’re already dead? Am I right?

    Anyhoo, we turn to our old friend science to explain this key zombie survival lesson.

    Presenting the triune brain. A model of brain evolution which might explain zombie behavior to some extent.

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    Zombie Apocalypse Survival Weapon: Glock 17 [Review]

    Reviews - 06.26.2012

    Story by John Moore


    I loves me some hot Glock action and, when the zombies come, I’ll be ready with 17+1 rounds of 9mm hollow points to jack up their day.

    The Glock 17 is my personal choice for zombie apocalypse defensive pistol and here are some of the reasons I love it:

    GLOCK 17 semiauto pistol

    GLOCK 17 semiauto pistol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    1. It’s reliable and low maintenance – when your life depends on a functioning firearm, Glocks have proven themselves to continue operating under the toughest conditions

    2. It’s accurate. Out of the box, this is an accurate handgun. The Gen 4 models have a double recoil-reducing spring for easier control. The larger frame of the 17 spreads recoil out over a larger area.

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    Zombie Apocalypse Bugout Bag Essentials [Video]

    Zombie Prep - 06.25.2012

    Story by John Moore


    When evaluating your zombie apocalypse bugout bag, there are three important items which you might overlook. The tendency is to stock up on “tactical” items – knives, firesteel, water purifiers and the like. All of those things are important, but there are some everyday items you don’t want to overlook.

    Zombie Apocalypse Bugout Bag SuppliesProtecting your eyes, hands, and head wile preventing a health crisis due to exposure are going to be important to your survival. This is why we recommend a good hat, pair of sunglasses, and rugged pair of gloves. In this video, we go through the survival uses of all three and how to choose the appropriate ones for you.

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    Viewer Mail!: Alcohol Consumption and the Zombie Apocalypse, Part 1

    Zombie Fan Question - 06.22.2012

    Story by Ray Dawg


    As part of the Zombie Prep Network research team, I get a lot of questions, like, “Are you freaking serious?” “Have you been smoking dope or something?”, or “Hey! Who are you and what the hell are you doing in my bathroom!?”

    Once in a while though, we get a question here that’s worth answering. ZPN fan and generally awesome person Perry sent us a question about the effect of alcohol consumption on one’s chances of being infected when the ZSHTF.

    As the resident expert in excessive and irresponsible beer consumption, it fell to me to come up with the answers. Here is Part One of my hard-hitting, investigative series on booze and surviving the ZPOC!

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    Another Zombie Attack in Florida, Has The Apocalypse Begun

    Zombie News - 06.21.2012

    Story by John Moore


    This time it’s Palmetto, Florida. The latest zombie like attack occurred Wednesday night after a man under the influence bit off a piece of someone’s arm off during a visit with his children.

    English: Seal of the county

    Seal of Manatee county Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    As with the South Beach Miami face-eating attack, 26-year-old Charles Baker got naked, bit off some human flesh and had to be taken by force, according to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report.

    Authorities say Baker, high on an unknown drug, went to his girlfriend’s home on 25th St in Palmetto to visit his kids at 10:15 p.m. They say he barged in, began yelling and took off his clothes. He began to scream and throw furniture around the home.

    Jeffery Blake, who lives in the home, attempted to restrain Baker, but the suspect bit him, taking a chunk of his flesh from his bicep. He was eventually able to get Baker to the ground and kept him there until two deputies arrived.

    When the police arrived, Blake released Baker. Baker got up, but would not respond to deputies orders. According to deputies Baker faced them, tensing his body, clenching his fists and screaming. Baker, still naked, acted like he was going to rush the deputies, according to the report.

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    The Dish on the Rag: Feminine Hygiene for the Zombie Apocalypse

    Zombie Prep - 06.19.2012

    Story by Maribel Z K


    The ZPOC will happen, but it won’t scare away your monthly visitor/gift/fiend/demon. Screenshot of Maribel demonstrating a cup shape No one seems to cover this need when talking about bug-out bags but you can’t really ignore this if you’re a woman. This video was in response to a question on the website about feminine hygiene. Our reader asked:

    “I was hoping you could shed some light on female hygiene (specifically during that time of the month). I figure that we could stash a bunch but happens when they run out and going out and finding more isn’t possible?”

    In summary, we cover 4 options:

    1. Scavenge clean baby diapers and adult diapers as substitutes
    2. Buy reuseable alternatives (pads, sponges, cups)
    3. Make reuseable alternatives
    4. Use items from nature

    Watch the full youtube video for details on pros and cons, prices, tips and sources/vendors. Remember to LIKE us on FB, follow us on twitter, subscribe to our youtube channel, sign up for our email list and/or download our podcasts (see links above).

    Some product links:
    Menstrual Color Cotton Pads – 3 – Pack
    Sckoon Organic Cloth Menstrual Pads – One Irregular Pad 60% Off
    Glad Rags – The Keeper Menstrual Cup Size B
    Jade and Pearl – Sea Sponge Tampon 2 Pieces – Sea Pearls Sea Sponge Tampons (Reusable)


    Photo by Harry Finley, www.mum.org, menstruation pad

    Here's how (reusable) pads were used in the past

    Photo Credit/permission: Harry Finley, Museum of Menstruation, www.mum.org

    Check out the Museum of Menstruation for trivia and information. Here’s another gem from there:

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    Instances That May Be A Precursor To The Zombie Apocalypse

    Zombie News - 06.15.2012

    Story by John Moore


    With several brutal and cannibalistic attacks in recent news, including the Miami incident in May, we often get the question about how to recognize the coming zombie apocalypse.

    Zombie Aftermath - When zombies come - be ready!The question is somewhat difficult to answer, given that we’ve never been through one. However, if we look at a zombie apocalypse as a pandemic, we can look for events. A pandemic, as opposed to an epidemic, is an infectious disease spread across a large area. For a disease to be pandemic – it must be infectius and spread from person to person.

    Even if we look at the attack of Rudy Eugene on Ronald Poppo in Miami as an incidence of zombiism, we can’t say that whatever agent caused that behavior has infected somebody else.

    The World Health Organization identifies a model for influenza spread which could be applied here. It starts with animals being infected, then animal to some human spread, then human to human spread, and finally the disease travels around the world.

    To identify a potential zombie outbreak being driven by an infectious agent, we’d want to look for several signs:

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    Test your Zombie Thrivalist(TM) skills on Spike TV’s new show, The Last Family on Earth!

    Zombie News - 06.13.2012

    Story by Maribel Z K


    Do you have the skills and determination to be one of the last people on Earth?

    Prove it.

    Try out for this new show and compete to win ownership shares in one of Vivos Shelters’ Luxury state-of-the-art underground shelters. 

    Deadline June 20.

    Let us know also if you choose to apply, we’d love to share our knowledge with you! And there might even be some swag (from us, not them) if you get on the show… Spread the word and invite some worthy competitors.

    Best of luck, Thrivalists! Be awesome. ~ You’re already ahead by keeping our company :-)

    Who’s in?


    Casting Call Flyer for Spike TV's Last Family on Earth show

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    Zombie Apocalypse Prep: Watch the Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Weekend!

    Zombie News - 06.13.2012

    Story by Maribel Z K


    Thrivalists, clear your calendars for July 7-8 weekend and brush up on your Walking Dead by catching the series marathon PLUS previews for Season 3. Oh, and a special version of Season 1, Episode 1 true to the comic book. Waiting for the ZA

    Press release:

    The Walking Dead has announced that they will air the first glimpse of season 3 over the weekend of July 7th and 8th. The following press release was made public as well:

    New York – May 31, 2012 – AMC announced today “The Walking Dead” Season 3 Preview Weekend on Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8 beginning at 11:30am each day. Airing just one week before Comic-Con, the two-day programming event will feature a marathon of all 19 episodes from the series’ critically acclaimed first two seasons, culminating with a “Talking Dead” live primetime special on Sunday, July 8 at 9pm. The one-time-only airing of “Talking Dead,” hosted by Chris Hardwick (Nerdist), will be followed by the world television premiere of the black and white version of “The Walking Dead” pilot episode at 10pm. The special version of the series’ first episode was created specifically for fans of The Walking Dead, as it holds true to the original black and white comic book, written by Robert Kirkman.

    Throughout “The Walking Dead” Marathon, Hardwick will introduce each episode from the set of season three in Atlanta, giving viewers a glimpse of the new sets. Along with several cast members and producers, he will set up the storyline from each episode, and discuss the classic moments and unique characters featured. In addition, every episode with be wrapped with exclusive character and scene-specific content from the first two seasons, including behind-the-scenes footage and sit-down interviews with the cast.

    In the hour-long “Talking Dead” event, shot live in Los Angeles, Hardwick will give fans a first look at “The Walking Dead” Season 3, including a scene from the new season, and brand new video interviews with the cast, a tour of the new set and a sneak peek at the props and wardrobes featured in Season 3. Hardwick will also sit down with in-studio guests including the show’s executive producers and other celebrity fans. Viewers will get information on the show’s presence at this year’s Comic-Con, including a look at the construction of “The Walking Dead” booth, updates on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Social Game, and other show-related news and topics.

    At one point during the live show, Hardwick will reveal a special code to viewers, which they can use to enter “The Walking Dead” Watch to Win Sweepstakes, at http://www.amcdead.com/. The winner will receive a trip to Atlanta and a “stagger on” role as a zombie on the hit show.

    The on-air event will be complemented by activities online at amctv.com, where fans can find more exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and participate in Fan Favorite polls, which cover such topics as Fan Favorite Weapon, Fan Favorite Walker, Fan Favorite Walker Kill and Fan Favorite Survivor. The Poll winners will be announced by Hardwick during the “Talking Dead” live event Sunday night.

    “The Walking Dead” reigns as the most watched drama series on basic cable for Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54. The series has garnered an Emmy® Award for Outstanding Prosthetic Make-up and a Golden Globe® Award nomination for Best Television Series – Drama, among other accolades. Critics have heralded the series as “the most suspenseful show on any network” (Boston Herald) and “the greatest thriller ever produced for television” (Entertainment Weekly). The series tells the story of the months and years that follow after a zombie apocalypse. It follows a group of survivors, led by police officer Rick Grimes, who travel in search of a safe and secure home.

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    Zombie Apocalypse Survival Prepping PACE System

    Zombie Prep - 06.08.2012

    Story by John Moore


    There’s a saying amongst zombie preppers that two is one and one is none. What we mean, is that when the Z-SHTF, you need a backup for everything you have and everything you have planned.

    Zombie Apocalypse survival prepping systemDuring the coming zombie apocalypse, and while you’re prepping, we believe that you should follow the PACE system. PACE is an acronym for Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency. Each part of your zombie prep should have a backup, a backup to the backup, and an emergency plan.

    Take a weapons system. Your primary may be a rifle of some sort. Your alternate would be a pistol. Contingency weapons could include edged weapons. In an emergency we are talking about unarmed combat or combat with improvised weapons.

    In the following video, I cover the PACE system and how you can use it with your family or prepper group.

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    Zombie Apocalypse: A curbside chat.

    Zombie Fun - 06.08.2012

    Story by Ray Dawg


    During a brief rest from their intense, groundbreaking research, two members of our team contemplate the pros and cons of the coming Zombie Apocalypse:

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    True Nutrition Custom Protein Powder, Stock up for the Z-Poc!

    Reviews - 06.05.2012

    Story by Ray Dawg


    Hey Zombie Apocalypse Preppers…we know you can’t wait to live on a steady diet of Twinkies and bacon, but there’s a catch. While that sounds awesome, it actually has some drawbacks. When we’re all living on a survival diet, we’ll need to be at least a little careful to get adequate nutrients if we’re going to be busting caps in undead heads. Poor nutrition means diminished performance, both mental and physical, and that puts everyone at risk when we’re playing with sharp objects and things that go boom. In particular, quality protein will be hard to come by without hunting or trapping, both of which may be risky in areas of high Zed activity. Oh, you’re a Vegetarian? Yeah, good luck with that…

    In this vid, Raymond discusses these issues, and reviews an excellent company, True Nutrition.com! Check them out to make your own personal protein powders, and stock up!

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    Zombie Apocalypse Survival Prepping For Teens

    Zombie Prep - 06.04.2012

    Story by John Moore


    We got an email from a young fan the other day, and we feel like we should answer his question. It’s a good one about getting ready for the ZPOC when you’re a teenager. We felt that the question was so good, we made a video.

    Zombie Apocalypse Prepping For TeensHere’s the text of the question:

    Ok, im A 15yr Boy, How Can I Prepare For this Zombie Apoclypse? I Dont Have money and my parents wont beleive me if i said Zombies were coming, And IF This were to happen,shouldnt EVERY zombie killer meet in one place with u guys? Thank you For your time :)

    Also, we like it when young people ask us about zombies politely.

    Our video response to this young man is below:

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    Cannibal or Zombie? What’s the difference?

    Zombie Info - 06.04.2012

    Story by Maribel Z K


    If you are still human, you might have gotten wind of the increase of flesh-eating incidents in the past week. Before you wonder if we are facing the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse, let’s review cannibalism. Check out our handy graphic!

    Human cannibals eat human flesh. Necro-cannibalism involves the ingestion of dead human flesh; homicidal-cannibalism involves the ingestion of human flesh before death. Not all cannibals are zombies. But all zombies are cannibals.

    Venn Diagram explaining Cannibals versus Zombies

    History has documented numerous instances of cannibalism; here are some of the most “common” reasons:

    1. Religion/superstition/human sacrifice – Asmat people, Polynesian tribes, etc.
    2. War – a warrior eats their enemy’s heart to inherit that enemy’s power/spirit or humiliate that enemy’s spirit/culture – World War II Chichi-jima, Leopard Men of West Africa, etc.
    3. Torture – Blood Countess of 1560
    4. Starvation – Donner party, Jamestown, Rugby team in the Andes, etc.
    5. Insanity/Deviancy/Pathology – Jeffrey Dahmer, Idi Amin etc.
    6. Art/Entertainment (yes, really) – Dutch TV

    The reasons above indicate human choice, albeit irrational and disturbing. Eat X to gain X–A logic, of sorts.

    Zombies, flesh eating and either dead or resistant to pain (drug-induced or disease motivated), lack such decision-making. They are simply driven to eat flesh for no other reason than that they must.

    Lastly, zombification involves the condition spreading from human to human, either through bite or fluid transfer, sometimes through exposure to chemicals. It’s one thing to have isolated incidents of cannibalism, a worrisome thing when there seems to be a growing geographic prevalence and/or frequency around the time of the Miami zombie incident. Keep in mind that the preponderance of such news can simply be due to the interaction between increased attention by the media and increased Internet searches by curious/worried people. Cannibal crimes have been occurring for years. Watch for trends and patterns.

    Is it time to panic?

    No. But it’s always time to be prepared. Don’t go on a premature rampage like the guy in Novi. Don’t break the law unless the government has fallen apart.

    Even if it’s not quite ZA time, if enough people panic, you might have to worry about live people.

    Don’t be scared, be prepared… for the AWESOMENESS that is the Zombie Apocalypse.

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    Map of May 2012 Zombie Incidents In The US

    Zombie News - 06.04.2012

    Story by John Moore


    Here’s an interactive map tracking potential zombie apocalypse precursor activity in the US A fan named David Garcia sent this in to us.

    Map of zombie related incidentsThe label is:
    Newsweek & The Daily Beast is (sic) tracking news of instances that may be the precursor to a zombie apocalypse. Blue pins represent suspicious incidences or infections, while red pins represent acts of strange violence.

    Seems like there are a lot of strange violent incidents along the East Coast.

    Eugene Rudy’s face chewing attack on Ronald Poppo in South Beach in Miami, as well as strange infections and drug related incidents are tracked. Several occurrances of cannibalism are tracked.

    Here’s the Google map for your convenience:

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    Glock Field Knife, Zombie Defense Weapon Review

    Reviews - 06.01.2012

    Story by John Moore


    Alright zombie thrivalists, here’s a great knife for field use and for slaying Zs. It’s the Glock 78 Field Knife, by the same guys who brought you one of the most popular handguns in the world.

    Glock 78 Field KnifeIn case you couldn’t tell, we’re a knifey bunch of bastards who love our edged weapons. I’m also a fan of Glock pistols. Great, solid manufacturing. So I wasn’t disappointed to get my hands on this solidly built blade. At 6.5″ blade length, it’s enough to get to a zombie brain-stem through the ocular cavity. It’s thin design and clip-point make it a great stabbing weapon.

    The polymer handle and tool steel blade are darned near indestructible.

    The one drawback we found is that the sheath is a bit too secure for a combat weapon. It makes the knife harder to draw than it should be. The sheath is also designed to attach solidly to the belt, but not really designed to strap on to a pack or leg or whatever. This is a pretty minor drawback as, overall, we love this knife.

    It feels good in the hand and can easily be put to task for camp and survival duties.

    The handle is hollow but plugged. Remove the plug and you can attach to a shaft (hee hee) and you got yourself a spear.


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    Miami to Maryland? Morgan Student Arrested after Admitting to Eating Human Brains and Heart

    Zombie News - 05.31.2012

    Story by Maribel Z K


    This just in (a couple of hours ago)…
    Alex Kinyua

    Alexander Kinyua, 21, a Morgan University student, was charged with first-degree murder, first-degree assault and second-degree assault and was refused bail after admitting to slicing and eating the dismembered body parts (including the heart and brain) of a man. Kinyua’s brother had first discovered a discarded human head and two hands of the victim in some metal tins in Kinyua’s house and Kinyua was seen cleaning the container after he was confronted by his brother. The suspect lived in the same home as the Joppatowne man, 37 year old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, who was missing without a trace since last Friday (a day before the Miami face-eating zombie incident) and is suspected to be the dismembered victim, pending confirmation from the medical examiner.

    Is this another zombie incident? Unlike the Miami zombie, Kinyua seemed to have used a tool (a knife) to eat the body parts, instead of simply attacking with his teeth. He also had the mental capacity to lie and say that the found body parts were actually animal remains and attempted to hide the evidence. This suggests some understanding of right and wrong or at he very least, a logical state of mind to understand the consequences of such a discovery.

    However, until we know more details of the attack all that we know that a cannibalistic act was committed and brains were eaten. Was this a fight gone terribly wrong? A ritualistic killing?  So far, there has been no mention of drugs.  Kinyua had no previous criminal record in Maryland prior to being charged with first-degree assault and reckless endangerment in Baltimore for allegedly “being involved in a fight in his dormitory room at Morgan State University” on May 19.

    We are not completely ruling out the role of zombification (especially drug induced zombification) so stay tuned for updates. If there is the possibility of a zombie that has intelligence and logical ability, there’s a lot more to worry about.


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    Zombies are Us: Basic Targets for Structural Incapacitation (video)

    Killing Zombies - 05.30.2012

    Story by Maribel Z K


    It’s important to know your enemy. Maribel screenshot for structure videoThe good thing is zombies are more or less built like their living version — us. In other words, they are built like us and hence have similar “structural weaknesses”. Since they don’t react to pain and bleeding doesn’t bother or injure them, it’s a good idea to break their structure and limit or stop their movement if you can’t go for their brains. Following on a earlier video by John that discusses the ideal traits of an anti-zombie martial art, I talk about the concept of “structural incapacitation.” The Internet is replete with self defense videos with a lot of jargon that is basically Greek to the average human. This video discusses the basics of human structure and two targets that an unarmed person can use with little strength or training to take down a zombie or aggressive human and get away safely.

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    Mora Knives Companion: A must-have for the Zombie Apocalypse!

    Reviews - 05.29.2012

    Story by Ray Dawg


    Mora Companion Knife - zombie survival

    Raymond ponders the pure awesomeness of the carbon steel Mora Knives Companion.

    Who says you need a big, expensive, fancypants knife for the Zombie Apocalypse? Companies that make big, expensive, fancypants knives, that’s who.

    In this video, resident guy-who-likes-to-play-with-sharp-things, Raymond, goes over the merits of the exceptional Mora Knives Companion, in carbon steel! Don’t be a dangus…watch the video, then go get you one of these fantastic, practical knives!

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    The Fairer Side of the Zombie Apocalypse (video)

    Zombie Prep - 05.27.2012

    Story by Maribel Z K


    Maribel with zombie apocalypse prepping for womenYou know what makes the Zombie Apocalypse worth living? Besides bacon, nutella, cars and cars to choose from, and access to fancy penthouses? Women. Yep, the fairer sex. Honestly, I think that’s a strange adjective for us girls but I would say that if you ever go people watching, there are still more good looking women in the general population than men. Can’t say that will necessarily be so during the ZA, but we’ll get cuter and cuter as we lose more and more humans to the undead hordes.

    This is my video intro to what I hope to be a recurring series that deals with issues specific to women during the ZA.

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    How Long Would I Survive A Zombie Apocalypse Quiz

    Quiz - 05.25.2012

    Story by John Moore


    How long would you survive the zombie apocalypse - a quizThink you’re going long term after the ZPOC? Gonna stick it out holed up in your one bedroom apartment waiting for Big G to bring the troops?

    Here’s a quick quiz you can take to see how long you’re likely to last after the zombie apocalypse – also see our video analysis below:

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    Top 7 Other Targets for Self Defense During the Zombie Apocalypse

    Killing Zombies - 05.25.2012

    Story by Maribel Z K


    Brains, brains, brains. That’s all people like to talk about! But what are your other options, what if you’re shorter, not as strong, lower to the ground, have a crappy weapon or no weapon? We gave this some thought and ranked these based on the ease of “execution” (effectiveness) and repetition (reliability – flub proof). Consider these!

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    Using Fire To Kill Zombies, Is It A Good Idea?

    Killing Zombies - 05.25.2012

    Story by John Moore


    Yes, we all love luring zombies into a barn Carl-style, then burning them, Rick-style (all with no plan of getting your kid out of the flaming hay-loft). So, should you rely on fire as a primary defensive weapon for the zombies? Is it a good idea.

    Fire as a Zombie Survival WeaponAs Chief Science Officer of the ZPN, I feel it’s my primary duty to examine these burning questions in detail. (see what I did with the word-play there?)

    Let’s say the ZPOC hits, and you got yourself a flame-thrower, or a torch, or an acetylene torch – are you ready to go to town? Honestly – use every tool at your disposal, but realize that you might be creating more danger than you bargained for.

    The following video examines whether it’s wise to go to town on a horde of Zs with a can of gas and a zippo.

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    The Balisong Butterfly Knife: Zombie Prep Flip-out!

    Training - 05.24.2012

    Story by Ray Dawg


    We all know that the Zombie Apocalypse is going to be awesome. You know what else is awesome? Bacon. But I digress…

    The balisong, commonly called the “butterfly knife” is also awesome, and as such, it’s a great tool for the avid Zombie Thrivalist (TM) to get acquainted with.

    In this video, Raymond goes over a bit of history, the pros and cons of this knife as related to the ZPOC, and even flips out a little bit!

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    DIY Zombie Defense Tripwire Perimeter Alarm

    Survival Security - 05.23.2012

    Story by John Moore


    Hang on ZPOC trivalists, we’re going to do some science. OK, very little science really – but we’re going to build a very basic electric circuit using crap from the dollar store and Radio Shack.

    zombie defense perimeter tripwire alarmIf you’re going to set up camp without some undead bastards sneaking up on you in the dark – here’s a perfect solution. It’s a tripwire alarm. Sneaky eh?

    In this video, I set it up using a light, but you could use a buzzer or maybe even a toy clown to really confuse those Zs.

    Ultimately the electronic part couldn’t be more simple, it’s the execution of the physical switch which is interesting and useful for zombie apocalypse fun times.

    As with all projects – take necessary safety precautions. Nothing here should be too dangerous, however since we’re only using AAA batteries. Don’t swallow batteries – that would be silly and dangerous.

    Continue reading “DIY Zombie Defense Tripwire Perimeter Alarm” »

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    Cold Steel Kukri Machete Zombie Survival Weapon Review

    Reviews - 05.23.2012

    Story by John Moore


    Video Review of the Cold Steel Kukri Machete as a zombie killing melee weapon.

    Cold Steel Kukri Machete Zombie Survival WeaponWe here at the ZPN are fond of our edged weapons. When the ZSHTF, blades don’t run out of ammo, jam or malfunction. Larger edged tools, like swords and machetes are great for standoff distance. However, everything has a trade off.

    For this particular de-zombifier here’s what we liked and what we didn’t like so much:

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    Know Your Enemy, What Is a Zombie

    Zombie Info - 05.21.2012

    Story by John Moore


    The zombie apocalypse is coming, and it’s going to be awesome. In this video, we explore the basics. What is a zombie, what is zombie infection, and what are the possible vectors the apocalypse could take?

    zombie infection instructionWe get our basic concept of zombies from the media, from Dawn of the Dead, to 28 Days Later, to  The Walking Dead. In most, zombies are human corpses raised by some supernatural or technological infection. In a few, referred to as living zombies by Matt Mocg of the Zombie Research Society, they are merely humans who have a biological infection.

    Historically, there are incidents of zombiism believed to be cause pharmacologically with substances like scopolamin,e or datura, or pufferfish toxin. In these cases, the victims are used enslaved, and do not show aggression.

    For us, a zombie is a mindlessly aggressive human or (less likely) reanimated human corpse, driven by some kind of infection. That infection might be biological (such as a virus, fungus, bacteria, prions or parasite), technological (such as mind-rewiring nanobots),  or pharmacological (such as with a biological weapon using mind altering drugs). We find it highly unlikely that there would be magical, religious, or nuclear causes to a ZPOC.

    The infection vector is important to understand because we want to understand as early as possible if teh zombies we encounter are infectious. We believe that biological infection is the most likely vector, and the pathogen will most likely be blood-born or spread by contact. That’s not to say it couldn’t become airborne, if so, we’d be deep in it quickly.

    It’s important that skin to flesh contact with the dead, animated or otherwise, be limited and precautions against infection be taken.

    In the TV show, The Walking Dead, the survivors often burn the corpses of the dead. This would most likely not be such a good idea. Many microbes can survive burning, and fire can actually spread the disease further.

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    Fan Question: The value/quality of brains during the Zombie Apocalypse

    Zombie Fan Question - 05.17.2012

    Story by Maribel Z K


    One of our Facebook fans, Nick, had some intriguing questions about brains. Actually he had quite a few but my brain could only manage 2 for now. He asked:

    Screenshot of Maribel talking about zombie and animal brains1) Will one brain taste better to zombies than another? Why?

    2) Can we feed animal brains to them to appease them?

    It’s good to know your enemy and their weaknesses.

    Thanks Nick and thanks fans for all the enthusiastic questions. Keep em’ coming, we look forward to responding to them. If you’re new to our site, don’t be shy, like us on Facebook and we’re on the twits too. Check out our other videos on youtube as well. We’ve got survival tips, self-defense tips and last but not least, snark. What’s not to love?

    Gain some insight on zombies by checking out our youtube video below:

    POST VIDEO NOTE: I made a comment that no movie in the last 5 years had ever used animals to appease zombies. That was not quite correct. While not a movie, zombies trapped in a barn were fed various farm animals, mostly chickens, in the AMC TV Series “Walking Dead”. They may not have been completely appeased but perhaps that’s not actually possible since we think the taste for fresh human flesh/brains is less about nutrition than about oral fixation and plain aggressiveness.

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    DIY- Re-using Trash to Prep for the Zombie Apocalypse

    Zombie Prep - 05.17.2012

    Story by Maribel Z K


    You shouldn’t carry tons of items in your bug-out / grab-n-go bag but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to organize them. In this video, I go over common household items that may have ended up in your trash that could be re-used or re-purposed as part of your zombie survival or prepper gear.

    Screenshot of Maribel regarding trash re-useYou don’t really need to spend a lot of money or time to compile basic survival gear. After all, the whole idea of survival gear is survival which means using whatever is available to meet your basic needs. You don’t have “tactical” needs, you need food, water, shelter, health and security/shelter. If there’s one skill you need to have, above all else, it’s improvisation (no, you don’t need to be Wayne Brady on Whose Line is it Anyway?, though I admit that would be highly entertaining).

    To improvise = to invent, compose, or perform with little or no preparation. (Yes, I’m saying to prepare, you need to be able to invent/perform with little to no preparation – silly English language).

    Learn more details from our youtube video below, and don’t forget to like our Facebook page.

    A homework assignment:

    Put a box next to your recycling and/or garbage can and label it “Survival items”. Then next time you’re about to throw out something, think about its possible uses in a survival scenario. Also, is it light, is it sturdy, water resistant, fire resistant, transparent, metallic, ergonomic, versatile? These are all good things. If they meet several of these characteristics, you should probably save it, at least until you come across something better. Other than a good sturdy knife (see our videos on various cutlery and John’s recent video on bug-out bag/grab-n-go bag necessities), food and certain medical supplies, you should be able get basic survival items from your everyday household  throw-aways. Happy viewing!


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    How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse Questions: The Bugout Bag

    Zombie Prep - 05.16.2012

    Story by John Moore


    One of our Twitter Followers asked us the folowing question: “What are the top 10 items for your zombie apocalypse bugout bag?”

    Zombie Prepper Bugout BagGreat question. However, rather than just give you a list of 10 things, I wanted to go a little in depth to background for prepping a bugout bag. I also differentiate between a bugout bag and a grab and go bag.

    I stress that everybody’s bag is going to be different, and depend on the environment they live in. However, survival needs aren’t going to vary that much since we are all physiologically similar.

    To live through the ZPOC (zombie apocalypse), you’re going to have to address the following survival concerns:

    1. Protection from exposure and the elements – exposure to temperatures just a little outside what you’re used to can kill you in hours.

    2. Water – dehydration and sickness from drinking impure water can kill you in a few days.

    3. Food – you can go a few weeks without food, but your physical and mental capacity will be severely impaired.

    Additionally, your first aid and security needs are unpredictable, but when you need them – acute.

    Generally weight and space are your enemies – think compact, light, and multi-use items. Fire is your friend, and has many survival uses – besides being able to ignite a zombie or two. You need a fire kit. A good fixed blade knife and some paracord need to be a part of your kit.

    Watch the video below to get the rest of my suggestions, and don’t forget to like our Facebook page.

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    Your Zombie Apocalypse Team: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Survival Group Dynamics - 05.16.2012

    Story by Maribel Z K


    (…or 7 Habits of Highly Effective ZPN Teams)

    There’s nothing more annoying than surviving mayhem, near dehydration and starvation, and relentless undead hordes, than to have deal with group drama or a pissing contest with your group’s (self-appointed) alpha (esp. for girls cuz aiming is not as easy). Mr Bean meme: Yes, I know you're special

    In every group, there will be some good, some bad and surely some ugliness. Each person will have strengths and weaknesses and you may have limited choices about what group you join and who is part of it. Here are 7 habits/issues to consider to help your awkward team from pre-emptively killing each other before anyone actually gets bitten. How your team handles these issues could very well affect how long your team / you stay alive and how AWESOME ZA life will be.


    Yes, even though office departments, sports teams, sororities, and political action committees have all gone the way of the rotten flesh, you’re not going to get away from having to “communicate effectively” (apologies for the profanity). Why? Cuz it’s how you’re going to get anything done! You’ll need to discuss plans, goals, interpersonal issues, contingencies, risks, logistics etc. Some people completely miss the whole awesomeness of ZA and stress or freak out — both of which can impair their hearing, memory, logic and cognitive skills and not to mention, tempt you to consider target practice on them. While we can’t help you with your drama king/queen/doosh’s intelligence (or lack thereof), we can help you tolerate them by doing the following when you talk to them:

    1. Listen without interrupting (don’t sit there rapidly going through all the things you want to respond with while nodding condescendingly)
    2. Confirm your understanding of what was said (e.g. what I think you’re saying is… did I get that right?)*
    3. Ask clarifying questions, ask for examples (e.g. so what do you mean by “bat sh!t crazy?”)*
    4. FINALLY, think about your response and then share it as objectively as possible (well I agree with X/Y/Z of what you said, but I think…. )*

    *this is also a good time to start lowering your voice and speaking slower. Deepening your voice helps too and lean back or step back. By (re)setting the volume and pace of the conversation and changing your body position, you can bring the drama down a notch. It also helps keep you from smacking them upside the head (usually/hopefully).


    2. GOALS

    Staying alive is a good one to start with (lightbulb!). If this (hopefully) extends to each group member, then certain aspects have to be maintained and shared (e.g. security, food/water, peace). While this goal seems quite obvious, it can easily be overshadowed by petty rivalries if its not continually and explicitly reinforced (usually the job of the leader).  In a mildly stressful situation such as, you know, the Zombie APOCALYPSE, it’s easy for a person to despair/panic, get distracted, and think life is not worth living (clearly someone who forgot that the ZA is going to be AWESOME!). Having a group goal and having the group see progress towards that goal can motivate these whiney, cry-baby, runts… um, I mean, sensitive types to keep going, stay engaged, and most importantly, stay useful and alive. People are usually more willing to give up on themselves more easily than they are to let down others.

    It is also important to have individual goals and to know each other’s, in order to motivate yourself and  so each of you can remind each other of them when you’re feeling like your whole world has come to an end (which it has, of course, but the ZA is AWESOME!).



    Do some.  Divide the work. Yes, while we all will rejoice the freedom from 9-to-5 drudgery, it doesn’t mean there ain’t work to be done. Think of it as getting to “work remotely” or “work from home”.

    Understand people’s skills and weaknesses and, where you can, divide the work based on people’s strengths. This sounds obvious but remember that you may not get to pick your ideal ZA team and end up stuck with a mixture of primadonas, spoiled brats, know-it-alls, and yes-men. You should also take into account personality strengths/tendencies. Some people are natural planners and organizers, others are relationship builders/keep the peace sorts of people.  There are ways to observe people’s behavior and determine what kind of person they are and their social style (also handy for communication). One I find particularly interesting is a model by Merrill and Reid; read up on a summary here (they also published a book).

    Having roles, responsibilities and accountability to each other give people a sense of purpose and worth, which helps if they start to forget the AWESOMENESS that is the Zombie Apocalypse. It conveniently also gets SH!T done and helps  keep the drama in check.

    Sleeping cat held up by two other cats


    Since you’re not getting paid for the work you put in to the ZA team, you better live it up as well. All work and no play… as the saying says. Of course, ZA play time will be better than the office-sanctioned “Happy Hour”, baseball game shindig or ice cream social, because you can run amuck and not get arrested. Get silly, have a food fight, hit a zombie pinata, go streakin’ (but carry a weapon at all times)… remind yourself of the AWESOMENESS of life, otherwise wtf do you get to be alive when the ZSHTF?

    If you’re not in the mood for shenanigans, get some space. Climb a tree, go float in the middle of a lake (alive). Everyone, eventually, is going to want some private/quiet time (make sure you have a way to signal others though) to meditate on AWESOMENESS. Don’t waste your time keeping yourself alive just to be dead inside. It’s like being a zombie without neck-down “invincibility”. In a word, lame.



    Not to be redundant, but you should be redundant.

    You know all that work you divvied up based on strengths/skills/personalities? More than one person should be able to do the same task/work. While it might be tempting and convenient to have people specialize (doctor does medical, soldier does killing), this can bite you in the butt (or the arm, the neck, the belly, anywhere flesh like). To use what will be a ZSHTF ancient phrase, “cross-training” will make your team more agile. The doc got hurt, no worries I can cauterize that wound for you… Daryl Dixon (aka AWESOME) is gone, no worries, I have my own home-made cross bow and arrows. The more cross-trained everyone is, the more options you have for scouting, heists, security, zombie ambushes, raves in former government buildings. It also keeps people learning and interacting; they’ll stay sharp. The division of work will also be more fair cuz no one’s necessarily stuck doing one thing. It might seem cool now to be THE katana guy/girl, but if that’s all you do… all the time… it could get old. (Ok, bad example… that would never get old. Maybe something like cutting wood?)



    Have one. This is related to the whole idea of divided responsibilities. Chaos is fun and all but ya gotta eat sometime and someone’s gotta be on watch at the crow’s nest. In addition to having clear roles/jobs, there should be a structure, which is really the essence of civilization. Your team is bound to have differences and arguments, so you should have an agreed-upon way to settle it (before it happens and definitely before they just shoot each other… unless that’s your way of arbitration). How are you going to decide on a plan?  When should someone be kicked out of the team cuz they’re dangerous and un-awesome? (Shane *cough*) Besides, it’s so much more awesome to go kill zombies than bicker about who gets to shake the big stick how many times.

    Your team structure should be rigid but flexible enough to adjust to changing times. Majority vote is good and all, but if the zombie horde is 20 feet away, whoever makes the call, makes the call… or you can vote/abstain and be bait/Otis. I’m not saying this will be easy to establish but it’s something all teams should shoot for. It saves your brain cells for things like target practice and make them future gourmet fare for the discerning zombie



    Cat stepping on another cat's headThis might seem out of place in an article about teamwork but it’s important and it goes hand in hand with redundancy. If you can do what everyone else in the team can do, that helps the team. You know that whole, “you’re only as strong as your weakest… ” One might say this is what turns a team into an army. If you end up needing to lead, you can. You are essentially your own team, a microcosm of ZPNness. You are independent. And what’s awesome about that is… you level up to BAD ASS and if your team starts to fall apart or you get tired of the drama, you get out of Dodge and find yourself a better one and take your pick. In the mean time, your spirit quest will be AWESOME!

    P.S. any of these factors actually have use in the pre-apocalyptic days, when the sh!t is in someone’s hand and not yet in the fan. Practice it on the office zombies, it works there too. Did we mention the Zombie Apocalypse is going to be AWESOME?

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    What Skills Do You Need To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

    Training - 05.15.2012

    Story by John Moore


    No matter what happens after the zombie horde rises, your survival needs will remain the same. As human beings we all need shelter, food, water, and safety. Fire is also a primary survival tool which can provide us with warmth, purified water, and heat for cooking (perhaps even a weapon).

    Zombie Apocalypse Prepper SkillsWe here at the Zombie Prep Network are big on skills. Having a bugout bag full of survivalist goodies and not knowing how to use them is silly.

    As the apocalypse goes on, long-term survival skills will be paramount to your continued enjoyment of our newly target-rich environment. Hunting, foraging, and living in a debris hut are activities which may not be your best long-term survival strategy.

    The following video examines the “skillz that will pay the billz” long-term and help you become a zpoc thrivalist ™.

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    Yoders Canned Bacon – Zombie Apocalypse Prepper Review

    Reviews - 05.14.2012

    Story by John Moore


    After the zombie apocalypse, you might worry that a compromised grid or disabled supply line might mean no bacon. Bite your tongue! Real zombie thrivalists (TM) stock a supply!

    Yoders Bacon - the perfect zombie apocalypse foodYoder’s Canned Bacon is the way to go for your survival food storage needs. A long shelf life combined with a healthy supply of high-protein, high calorie food is a ZA survivor’s dream come true.

    I review a can of bacon in the video below and tell you why, amongst other things, it’s a great winter survival food. Also, you can use the grease that it’s packed with to cook other things. Guess what? It tastes awesome!

    I also reveal the best way to get it out of the can.

    Continue reading “Yoders Canned Bacon – Zombie Apocalypse Prepper Review” »

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    Dollar Store Prepping – Zombie Prep Network Style

    Zombie Prep - 05.10.2012

    Story by John Moore


    Let’s face it, the economy sucks right now. But you shouldn’t let that stop you from prepping for the impending zombie apocalypse.

    Dollar Store Prepping for the Zombie SHTFThis video shows you how to start getting ready for the Z-SHTF or TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it).

    Over the weekend I stopped by a dollar-store to check out what prep supplies you could get on the cheap. Just a short list includes:

    Continue reading “Dollar Store Prepping – Zombie Prep Network Style” »

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    Happy Star Wars Day: 4 ways to increase your force… against zombies

    Training - 05.04.2012

    Story by Maribel Z K


    May the 4th be with you!

    A simple physics lesson: Force = mass x acceleration.

    Here are 4 ways that can help you increase the centrifugal force of the blow / strike against an approaching zombie. (NOTE: centrifugal force does not actually exist, according to physicists. However, it can still be applied…  very Jedi, don’t you think?)
    Lego Clone Zombie Man

    1) Increase your arm and shoulder strength so you can lift a heavier weapon for your strike. While it might be easier to swing a lighter weapon faster, a heavier weapon swung at the same speed will hurt more (think George Foreman’s cross punch versus Manny Pacquiao’s). The weight of the weapon should preferably be at the business end (the part that hits the target). We’ll cover more about this in the future.

    2) Improve your ability to estimate spacing and distance so you can swing something long (yes har har), without hitting yourself in the face and hitting your target with the sweet spot of the weapon. By swinging a longer weapon, you increase the force of your  strike. Stay tuned for future articles on this.

    3) Increase your legs AND abdominal/core/back strength so you can swing a weapon faster.  Contrary to what you might think, your arms do not determine the force of your blow. The force of a circular strike starts from the center, which is you, starting from your feet, through your core to your arms and weapon (which is an extension of you). If you watch a  pro golfer or baseball player, you will see that their feet move before they twist their body. By starting your twist from your feet, to your core, to your arms and  hands, you can maximize the amount of force you can generate. If you think you’re not that strong, improve your strike speed. Stay tuned for a future demo video on this.

    Mass x acceleration = Force, 4 X 2 = 6 but so is 2 X 4 = 6.

    4) Increase your grip strength (lower arm muscles and fingers). It’s no good to be able to lift a heavy weapon or swing a weapon fast or slow, if you can’t hang on to it. Unless you’re an avid climber or body builder, this is a weak point for most people (especially if you work on computers all day). We’ll address ways to improve your grip strength in a future post. While a strong grip may not massively increase the force of your strike, it will help you execute more than one strike with the same weapon. Good grip strength will also come in handy when you start to get sweaty, bloody hands and arms and your weapon starts slippin’ and a-slidin’.

    P.S. being a person of smaller stature and weight, I’m a huge fan of the use of acceleration to increase force. In my opinion, there’s only so much mass that my skeleton can handle or that I can accumulate from body building. With acceleration, not only can you deliver a hard blow, you can also get more blows in when the zombies attack.

    Image of zombie lego clone. Source: http://leg-godt.tumblr.com/post/2911814596/lego-zombie-clone-trooper-or-is-he-a-clone

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    5 Rules about how “Not to be prepared”

    Zombie Prep - 05.03.2012

    Story by Maribel Z K


    Oh, so you’re all set you say, not worried? You’ve done your homework, your research, joined our network, got two bug-out bags, a safe house or supplies stash (or two), got some defensive and survival training?

    Too bad, you’re going to die anyway. While death is as sure as taxes, the length of your life will really depend on your understanding of Murphy’s #2 law, namely all your plans will go to sh!t.

    To Panic or not to Panic Buttons

    This little schpiel (schpelling?) is not a sarcastic tutorial (ok maybe a little bit) telling you the reverse of what you should do. I’m actually, really, frealz, telling you the best way to “not to be prepared” when dangers/zombies approach. This may seem basic but trust me, it’s the simple stuff that’s easy to forget or  ignore.


    Accept and believe Murphy’s #2 law. Your plans will go to sh!t (especially your most elegant ones). Learn Rule #1 through 5 now, not later and definitely not before  the ZEROETH LAW asserts itself. See Rule #1.

    RULE #1

    Douglas Adams'(seseses) says, “DON’T PANIC!”

    RULE #2

    Accept that even if you tell your brain not to panic, YOUR BODY WILL PANIC ANYWAY and beat you to it.  In the meantime, you might lose or get tunnel vision (where your focus narrows and you don’t notice things in your periphery), your fine motor skills will fail, you forget to breathe, your hearing might get impaired, etc. If you can simulate panic/stress in a safe place beforehand, you’ll know what your tendencies are.


    1) BREATHE DEEPLY, A LOT (your brain needs oxygen, esp. if you’re going to be running). Stay tuned for future discussions on the utility of breath for self defense and fitness.

    2) To fix tunnel vision, OPEN YOUR EYES WIDE AND MOVE YOUR HEAD (and eyes)  left to right or right to left, up/down, down/up and describe something you see out loud (ok you can whisper), the more detail the better. E.g. left corner, red door, 3 feet away; touching distance, absurd tattoo of your panicked buddy, 2 o’clock tall mirror reflecting window….  This serves primarily to re-engage your eyes and mind to “snap out of it” and secondarily, this forces you to look around and see your options. Additionally, repeating a mantra (1) can help you start to reset yourself.

    3) MOVE YOUR  FINGERS. Open and close your hands rapidly, or rub them together hard, even if it hurts. This won’t completely fix all your dexterity issues, but it will help the parts of you that will probably be the most jittery. And personally, I think seeing your hands shake makes you want to shake even more (think about when you let your teeth chatter when you’re cold, doesn’t it make the rest of you shiver?).

    RULE #3

    MAKE A CHOICE AND DO IT QUICKLY.Will it be the right choice? Maybe not, but it will have a higher chance of succeeding that not doing anything. While actively “panicked” you are dosed with adrenaline, which can help push you beyond your typical limits in whatever action you take.

    1. If your choice involves close combat, AIM/LOOK, ATTACK FAST, DON’T STOP (definitely DO NOT do the Hollywood “Now I’ve got you” delay scene and if you do, you’re a doosh and won’t/shouldn’t live too much longer). Assume YOU WILL BE / CAN BE ATTACKED FROM ANY AND ALL ANGLES.
    2. IF IT’S GOTTEN NOISY, GET NOISIER. Release your inner beast in a yell, as many as you want, preferably as you strike. This is called a kia in most martial arts.   This is not just to be a badass, it also helps you breathe because, when threatened, most people hold their breaths. I also believe it will strengthen your strikes, mostly because yelling tricks your mind into anger or having more conviction.

    [FUN UNVERIFIED FACT: “kia (a fighting cry used in Japanese martial arts) uttered in a minor key can effect partial paralysis of one’s opponent by abruptly lowering the arterial blood pressure.” – astramate.com)]. Not sure what the zombie effect would be though.

    Kia when you hit

    RULE #4

    LEAVE YOUR EGO BEHIND (Especially if your ego is a doosh or you are).  This is no time for blame, crying, regret, I told you sos. Sticks and  stones break bones, but wasted words will make zombies eat you.  If you’re the leader and you didn’t declare a plan fast enough, too bad, you just lost alpha status right then and there (in which case, see Rule #3). If you weren’t the leader and  you didn’t declare a plan, see Rule #3 or sell your own plan to the group in 5 seconds (always good to practice your elevator speech skills, btw). If you fail to win the group, shut up and see Rule #3.

    RULE #5

    ITS NOT OVER ‘TIL ITS OVER.  Nuff said.


    1) Find your Mantra by Sam Murphy. Runner’s World. 27 April, 2011. http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/motivation/fighting-talk-find-your-mantra/6589.html

    Image of set of buttons. © Werg | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

    Image of man punching. © Redbaron | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

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    May is National Zombie Awareness Month

    Zombie Apocalypse Announcement - 05.02.2012

    Story by John Moore


    In the US, May has been declared National Zombie Awareness Month. We here at ZPN would like to take the opportunity to spread zombie apocalypse (ZA) awareness and to remind people to prepare.

    Zombie Aftermath - When zombies come - be ready!The ZA is going to be awesome, but much more fun if you and your family live through it. Preparing for the horde also means you’ll be better prepared to face other emergencies and natural disasters.

    For survival purposes, consider the magic number 4:

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    Kris Sword Zombie Apocalypse Review (Video)

    Reviews - 05.01.2012

    Story by Maribel Z K


    Want an edged (bladed) weapon with double the cutting advantage?
    Screenshot with Maribel with Kris Sword
    The Kris sword/dagger also known as Keris or Kalis, hails from 13th century Southeast Asia from around the Malay Peninsula. Its unique advantage is its blade is double-edged and wavy (flame-bladed), increasing your options for slashing and thrusting attacks and can be used against one or more zombies at a time.

    If you’re looking for a medium length melee weapon for your arsenal, this is an awesome option to get before the post office is overrun by zombies.

    Learn more details from this episode of our own youtube channel!

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    Get Started With Food Storage Prep For Z-Day

    Zombie Prep - 04.30.2012

    Story by John Moore


    Did you know that the grocery stores we depend on only keep a 3 day supply of food around? Look at the food shortages after the Japan Tsunami, or after Hurricane Katrina to see what can happen. For security for your family when the zombie horde arises you need to have a good supply of food around.

    basic food storage prepping for the zombie apocalypseFor many, food storage might seem expensive or intimidating – even though it is a really important step in keeping your family safe. How can you start small, but build up a 3-month to 1 year supply? What should you buy, from where, and how do you store it?

    This video answers those questions…
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    Mag Lite LED 3-D Cell Zombie Apocalypse Review

    Reviews - 04.30.2012

    Story by John Moore


    Mag Lite for zombie skull crushingwhen planning for your survival during the upcoming zombie apocalypse, it’s important to try to choose items that are multipurpose. The Mag Lite LED 3 D-Cell flashlight is just such an item.

    Fairly lightweight yet tough, milled from aircraft aluminum, this flashlight serves double duty as a zombie skull-crushing weapon. In a pinch you might use it to hammer in a tent peg.

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    Zombie Apocalypse Quiz – Would You Survive?

    Zombie Prep - 04.29.2012

    Story by John Moore


    The following quiz is intended to see how ready you are for the impending zombie apocalypse. Put a check-mark next to each statement which is true for you. The points for each true statement are in the third column.

    zombie girlAdd up your score and see how you did.

    While other survival experts may have different questions or weights, we feel that this list accurately portrays the things that have the highest probability of killing you after the Z-SHTF. The movies dwell on the dramatic (like getting eaten by a hoarde of zombies), you are very likely to die from dehydration or hypothermia after a breakdown of society where the grid goes down.

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    Zombie Apocalypse Bingo

    Zombie Fun - 04.20.2012

    Story by John Moore


    OK Zombie survivors, get ready to make the impending zombie apocalypse even more AWESOME by adding a bit of fun. Here’s a playing card (we suggest you print it out a stack of copies before the Z-SHTF) that will let you zombie hunters keep score.

    That’s right, it’s ZA bingo!

    Here’s the card, which conveniently includes the rules:

    Zombie Apocalypse Bingo Card

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    Introduction to the Zombie Prep Network

    Zombie Prep - 04.17.2012

    Story by John Moore


    Video introduction to the Zombie Prep Network.

    John introduces ZPN

    We bring you information, reviews, and training to help prepare you for the impending Zombie Apocalypse.

    There’s only 2 things you need to know:

    1. The Zombie Apocalypse is going to happen
    2. It’s going to be AWESOME!!

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