• The Dish on the Rag: Feminine Hygiene for the Zombie Apocalypse

    Zombie Prep - 06.19.2012

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    The ZPOC will happen, but it won’t scare away your monthly visitor/gift/fiend/demon. Screenshot of Maribel demonstrating a cup shape No one seems to cover this need when talking about bug-out bags but you can’t really ignore this if you’re a woman. This video was in response to a question on the website about feminine hygiene. Our reader asked:

    “I was hoping you could shed some light on female hygiene (specifically during that time of the month). I figure that we could stash a bunch but happens when they run out and going out and finding more isn’t possible?”

    In summary, we cover 4 options:

    1. Scavenge clean baby diapers and adult diapers as substitutes
    2. Buy reuseable alternatives (pads, sponges, cups)
    3. Make reuseable alternatives
    4. Use items from nature

    Watch the full youtube video for details on pros and cons, prices, tips and sources/vendors. Remember to LIKE us on FB, follow us on twitter, subscribe to our youtube channel, sign up for our email list and/or download our podcasts (see links above).

    Some product links:
    Menstrual Color Cotton Pads – 3 – Pack
    Sckoon Organic Cloth Menstrual Pads – One Irregular Pad 60% Off
    Glad Rags – The Keeper Menstrual Cup Size B
    Jade and Pearl – Sea Sponge Tampon 2 Pieces – Sea Pearls Sea Sponge Tampons (Reusable)


    Photo by Harry Finley, www.mum.org, menstruation pad

    Here's how (reusable) pads were used in the past

    Photo Credit/permission: Harry Finley, Museum of Menstruation, www.mum.org

    Check out the Museum of Menstruation for trivia and information. Here’s another gem from there:



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